Clients city for scale models and maquette of architectural

Sama Real Estate Investment Co
Arca Real Estate Investment Co.
Suez Canal Container Terminal
National Real Estate Investment C0.
Egypt South Africa for telecommunication
landscape real estate development
Assets for real estate development
Pyramisa Hotels & Resorts
Saudi Egyptian construction company
Archirodon Construction
Apache Corporation
Yafa mac Tourist
United group for engineering consultancy
Taamer masr group
Design Value Engineering Consultancy Office
Al ola for Investment & Real Estate Development
per plan advertising & decoration agency
International construction center for engineering
Al-Othman Consultants
Moon Production
Essar For Real Estate Investment
Auda al Beladi Contracting
Leena Real Estate
Green valley oil services
Al motawer for Real Estate Development and Tourism
Amlak Egypt for real estate investment
Agyad Multi projects
development of projects for real estate investment
Ever grow for specialty fertilizers
Al Bawardy Consulting Engineers
Al rizk Contracting
Youssef marroun contracting
Bonyan Real Estate Investment
Egyptian food bank
co Maadi Zahraa
Tam Environmental Services
Engineering Management of the Egyptian Armed Forces
alrowad group for development real estate
Dayr city for real estate
Saudi airlines‬‏
aaL nouh RealEstate
Kayan for Project Management
MA Design studio
Land consult
Darna realestate and contracting
Arab Company for Real Estate Development
Life park for real estate investment
Dawlia Real Estate Investment Co.
Arab advertising organization
Hoi Middle East & Africa
Police colleg
Pioneer for design and consultant
Abd Elfatah Group for engineering consultancy
Orascom construction industries
KSA - Umm Al Qura University
KSA-Agency Saudi for Advertising
KSA-Gulf engineering house
KSA-Rawae al bashaer for Media & Advertising
KSA-Taha Alandidjani Advisory Office
Saudi airlines‬‏
KSA-Ramant for Media & Advertising
Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies

City for scale models and maquette of architectural

Administrative and commercial Scale models مجسمات معمارية

Administrative and commercial Scale models

Planning and tourist villages Scale models and maquettes مجسمات معمارية

Planning and tourist villages Scale models and maquettes

Residential scale models مجسمات معمارية

Residential scale models

Tutorial Scale models مجسمات معمارية

Tutorial Scale models

Industrial Scale models مجسمات معمارية

Industrial Scale models

Internal scale models مجسمات معمارية

Internal scale models

Topographic scale models مجسمات معمارية

Topographic scale models

Small scale models and maquettes مجسمات معمارية

Small scale models and maquettes

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